Pegada is tightly integrated into your ERP system and supplier networks - allowing visibility into what, how, when goods or services are procured. No painful integration or data exchange via flat files.


The experience for your business partners, your suppliers, and service providers make it easy and delightful for them to provide the data needed to assess your carbon footprint.


Financial benefits, such as better payment terms or more affordable financing, are a key component to further incentivize the participation of your suppliers.

supplier onboarding

Supplier participation solved

  • Completely free for your business partners

  • No setup needed

  • Embedded in their workflow

  • Most importantly - access to better financing

Understand the climate footprint of your supply chain

How does it work?

Step 1

Pegada’s certified SAP solution connects seamlessly to your SAP system.

We analyze your procurement, production, and supply chain data, and make a suggestion for onboarding suppliers and the products and services they provide.

Step 2

We decide what additional incentives suppliers will receive once they provide the data that you require.

Those incentives could be better payment terms, higher credit limits, or better access to capital, through one of our banking or FinTech partners.

Step 3

Pegada is analyzing our system for the required data and populates CO2e data, certifications and more if available.

The system is reaching out to the supplier to fill the gaps or confirm our findings.

Step 4

You as the buyer receive the results, which can be used for reporting, analyzing, offsetting, or supplier segmentation.

Suppliers will receive better financial incentives from the system.

Incentive driven data collection

Sustainable Finance

Pegada partners with some of the leading financial services firms to bring sustainable financing to you as a buying organization, as well your entire supply chain. This includes beneficial terms and rates for SMB suppliers you do business with through our financial partners. By measuring your carbon emissions, especially those within your supply chain, you will gain access to “Green Finance” at attractive conditions for your business.


Carbon footprint in your supply chain


Cost reduction in financing for you and your suppliers


Companies measuring their carbon footprint

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Pegada?

Pegada is the most reliable approach to gather your carbon emissions within your supply chain (Scope 3). We achieve this by combining the unique SAP data that you have, with the right incentives for your suppliers to participate and comply.

Why does this make sense for you as a global brand?

You want to be ready to report on your sustainability goals. Expectations in this area are shifting fast from "nice to have" to mandatory.
Better brand image - your end consumers, as well as your current and future employees, value your sustainability initiatives.
Customers are happier to buy from you, employees are excited to work for you and you and your suppliers have BOTH better and cheaper access to capital.

What are the requirements for my thousands of suppliers?

A browser. That is all that your suppliers and business partners need.

Where is my data stored?

Your data never leaves the SAP Business Technology Platform that you use.

What is sustainable finance?

There is no simple or universally accepted definition, as far as we know. But sustainable finance, or Green Finance means that ESG data is used to access more affordable liquidity. That means that the data that Pegada collects on your behalf from your supply chain will provide both, you and your suppliers with better financing capabilities.

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